Therapists at the Centre

Steve Shackleton

Kinesiology & Nutritional Medicine

Steve is a dedicated Systematic Kinesiology practitioner and teacher who specialises in Nutritional Medicine. Steve has studied with some of world’s leading Kinesiology and Nutrition teachers and within his sessions draws from his years of diverse experiences working as a therapist within the NHS, as a martial arts instructor and from his own private clinic where over the years he has assisted clients to achieve profound changes in their mental and physical health.

Sam Roberts
Sports Massage Therapy, Remedial Massage, Sports Injury Acupuncture
After qualifying in Holistic and Remedial Massage in 2005, Sam went on to study Sports Massage Therapy and completed her VCTC diploma in 2007. She has been at the practice since then and is now in her 9th year working with us. She treats all ages and all manner of musculoskeletal problems with a range of massage techniques.
In 2013 she qualified in Sports Injury Acupuncture and now incorporates this with a number of her massage treatments and also offers stand-alone acupuncture appointments. She uses a combination of traditional Chinese acupuncture and western dry needling and has had fantastic results with the relief of pain conditions in the upper and lower limbs, and a number of osteoarthritic sufferers have also benefited from a reduction in their pain levels.

Kaya Woods
Remedial Massage, Sports Massage and Myofascial Release Therapy
After completing her initial massage training in 2009 at the school of bodywork, Kaya went on to gain a Distinction in remedial massage.  Kaya has continued to develop her professional skills with a variety of advanced bodywork qualifications including, Sports Massage and Myofascial Release Therapy. She utilises her multidisciplinary training to offer clients both effective and enjoyable massage therapy. These combined bodywork treatments, are suitable for the relief of pain problems as well as the prevention and rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries.
Kaya is passionate about massage and believes it has many benefits as a regular tool for self-care or for anyone wishing to feel their best. To learn more please visit

Melanie Philip
Bowen Therapy & Energy Healing
Melanie Philip has been practicing Bowen for 6 years in the East and Mid-Devon areas, she is also a Hatha Yoga teacher and more recently introduced Energy Healing into her work as she has found this fusion to deepen and profoundly affect her client’s healing journey. Bowen Therapy is a stimulating and restorative holistic therapy which aims to relieve pain and inflammation by releasing congestion and aiding the body’s own healing process.
It is a non-invasive therapy which involves the therapist rolling their fingers and thumbs over muscle, nerve and connective tissue areas, interspersed with periods of rest. The ultimate goal of this very simple and effective body work is to reset the body systems and trigger the body’s self- healing process that in times of stress and illness tend to get confused and often only needs to be prompted and nudged into remembrance and connection with itself once again.
To learn more please visit or call 07715 952 896

Russ Chapman MBAcC
Acupuncture, Daoism, Crystals and Flower Essences.
Treatment with Russ is a blend of four aspects that he has studied for over 25 years: Acupuncture, Daoism, Crystals and Flower Essences.
Acupuncture: Russ originally qualified, in 1995, from the College of Traditional Acupuncture, famous for teaching “Five Element Acupuncture” a truly holistic approach to illness and pain. He supplemented this traditional approach by studying modern TCM, as taught in China, by taking a two-year postgraduate course in T.C.M. at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. In 2005, he took the first degree-course in Acupuncture offered at Thames Valley University and has a BSc (Hons) in Acupuncture.
Daoism: Starting with a fascination with Daoism and Chinese philosophy he studies translation and Qi Gong with Richard Bertschinger, an acclaimed translator and Daoist scholar who lives in Somerset.
Crystals: In the 1990’s he studied the use of crystals in an acupuncture context with Dr Kath Simmonds in mid Wales.
Flower Essences: Moving to Somerset in 2005 Russ was introduced to the healing effect of Flower essences by Dr Andrew Tresidder MRCGP Cert Med Ed and is part of a practitioner group facilitated by Andrew.

Celia Llacer ITEC

Beauty and Aromatherapy Treatments.

Celia is a fully qualified beauty therapist offering a fabulous range of beauty treatments including facials, skin care, eye treatments, aromatherapy massage, nail care and more. She strives to achieve the best results in every treatment she performs and her professional and personal approach has become a favoured hallmark with her clients. Her treatments are designed to welcome you in a warm and relaxing environment giving you a sense of wellbeing and comfort as she uses only quality, natural and organic products such as Neal’s Yard, to give you the best experience.  Aromatherapy massage can be tailored to your needs to relieve tension and promote relaxation.  The highly concentrated plant oils inhaled through the nose promote beneficial changes to the mind and body by affecting the limbic system.

After completing her training in Bristol with the highest merits in ITEC L2 & L3, Celia has pursued a program of continuous professional development both in her practical skills and in the knowledge of the industry’s products and applications.