with Nikki Pettitt | BSc (Hons) Physio. Member Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.  

My physiotherapy background has helped me develop a keen interest in Pilates training to promote postural strength and conditioning.  I teach a Pilates approach designed by physiotherapists in which the traditional Pilates repertoire is broken down into clearly defined matwork levels which allow for safe, gradual and client centred progressions through the Pilates matwork series.

Who can benefit from Pilates? Whilst professional sports people use Pilates to aid their training and conditioning, Pilates exercise for general fitness can have very positive effects on posture, stress levels and overall health and wellbeing.  By improving your core strength and posture from head to toe you’ll decrease the pressure and strain through your body’s weight bearing joints helping to alleviate often experienced and problematic aches and pains.  With a straighter back, tighter tummy and improved muscle tone and flexibility you may look leaner and taller too.

What to expect. My primary aim is to provide a programme of Pilates exercises that follows the need and fitness level of my clients.  Class environments are supportive and non-competitive and you are encouraged to work at your own pace with your teacher adopting a hands on and focussed approach to your individual body strength and pilates development.

Classes are 60 minutes in duration and taught in small groups.  Group sizes are usually no more than twelve.  If you are new to class it is expected that you will complete a short health screening questionnaire prior to starting.  If you have a specific health concern I may suggest someone to one classes initially in my clinic environment in order to fully understand and assess your exercise needs prior to you participating and progressing into the group classes.

I look forward to seeing you there! Plan for those New Year resolutions NOW! For more information call 01395 578714.