Patients sometimes ask me about their hip pain, and worry that they are suffering arthritis in the hip joint leading to an eventual hip replacement. The first question I will ask is “point to where your hip pain is?” Very often patients will point to the region of the sacroiliac joint or hip bone (Ilium) and upper buttock region (see diagram). Very often the most likely source of mechanical pain referring these areas is lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint itself and not the hip. Chiropractors offer highly effective treatment for this “false” hip pain whether it’s been caused by poor posture, a sprain or strain, muscular tension, wear and tear as we get older, a more acute nerve or disc problems.

“True” hip pain is usually felt in the region of the groin, the front or inside the thigh and occasional felt towards the knee! A thorough history and examination will usually be able to differentiate the source of the patient’s “hip pain” without the need for further tests. If you do have “true” hip pain from arthritis (OA) of the hip, chiropractors are again able to provide manual therapy to improve mobility and function and also encourage specific stretching and strengthening exercises that benefit patient’s condition.

Joseph Arkle

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