Acupuncture can definitely help with hayfever. I first discovered this for myself when, as an acupuncture student I decided to have a course of acupuncture “for the experience”. I very quickly discovered that my chronic hayfever cleared up almost
completely, and its stayed that way since 1992.

My approach to Hayfever
As an acupuncturist my aim is the same with every patient. To bring their Qi (energy) back to a a smooth flowing balance. To do this I remove blockages, disperse excesses and strengthen weaknesses in the Qi. The patients symptoms are used as guides or signposts to the underlying problems of blockages, excesses and weaknesses, but treatment is not specifically aimed at individual symptoms. This is called “Root and Branch” (Ben Biao) in chinese medicine, working at the root of a problem to control the branches (symptoms).

Acupuncture text books all say that it is best to start treatment before the symptoms arise and this is correct, as the proverb says :-

To wait for the illness to develop
before remedying it,
For the disorder to form
before taking care of it,
Is to wait until one is thirsty
before digging the well
To wait for the battle
before forging the weapons.
Is this not too late?

But as my cure happened during the hieght of the hayfever season I’m always fairly
confident there will be a positive change no matter when you start treatment. Better late than never you could say.

Russ Chapman

Further information
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